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This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray: For Perfectly Tousled, Undone Waves

Add the newest More Inside star to your styling routine for instant natural-looking texture. Soft, undone waves are the moment, and our new This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray is just the styling assistant you need to achieve that effortless, ever-in-vogue messy aesthetic. The latest styling hero to join our More Inside line rewrites the rules of hair wax. It’s lightweight, sprayable, and endlessly reworkable, never greasy or stiff. 

Here’s why you’ll adore This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray and how to use it to get head-turning tousled texture.

What’s Inside?

Say goodbye to traditional hair wax creams and pastes! This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray is a revolutionary hair product that redefines styling convenience. We’ve transformed the classic hair wax into a lightweight and airy spray, offering you a seamless way to achieve stunning hairstyles without the hassle. Our unique formula combines cutting-edge fixatives for structure and shape while preserving your hair’s natural flexibility. Plus, the infusion of glycerin, ensures your locks remain irresistibly soft.

Dry Wax: the Benefits

Innovative Formula: This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray breaks away from the norm, providing you with a novel way to style your hair. The spray format offers easy application and even distribution, giving you better control over your hairstyle.

Shape and Flexibility: Our advanced fixatives work harmoniously to give your hair the desired shape and structure, without sacrificing its inherent flexibility. Your hair stays malleable and natural-looking, no stiffness or crunchiness.

Softness: Infused with glycerin, This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray not only helps you achieve a fantastic hairstyle but also maintains your hair’s softness. Enjoy hair that feels incredibly soft throughout the day.

Piecey Texture
: Experience the beauty of effortlessly chic, piecey texture. This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray allows you to create defined and separated strands that add depth and dimension to your look.

Satin-Matte Finish: Achieve a flawless satin-matte finish that exudes natural elegance. Your hair will look effortlessly put-together, with a touchable, non-greasy feel.

Sweet and Fruity Fragrance: This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray doesn’t just enhance your hair; it delights your senses too. The enticing blend of vanilla and grapefruit creates a captivating fragrance that lingers gently, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident.

This is a Dry Wax Finishing Spray joins a lineup of sprays, serums, waxes, mousses, and more styling products for all hair types. Highlights from the collection include This is a Curl Building Serum, This is a Dry Texturizer, This is a Volume Boosting Mousse, and This is a Sea Salt Spray. Play around with product combinations — or, better yet, source expertise on the best pairings from a Salon Rootz artist — to get your desired look.


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