Our favorite simple summer hairstyles — because you’re probably too busy having fun to waste a beautiful day stressing in front of a mirror.

Summer weather can really wreak havoc on your hair. High humidity can make it frizzy and hard to manage, and pool chemicals can damage it. Not to mention the heat — did you know your hair can actually get sunburned?

Our favorite summer hairstyles are updos (because no one wants hair sticking to the back of their neck all summer!) that are easy to style.

Check out our top picks for easy summer hairstyles to keep your ‘do looking stylish, no matter what fun summer activities you have planned!

High Ponytail

Want to try a cute long hair style? Try a trendy high ponytail this summer!

Headband Hairstyle

If you don’t have the time for an extravagant style, try a headband hairstyle! Headbands and other accessories are a great way to make a cute look on a hot summer day.

Sleepover Beach Waves

Pro tip: You don’t need to go to the beach to get beach waves!

Box Braids

Want a hairdo you don’t have to change up for weeks? Enter box braids. This style has a hefty time commitment up front, but once your hair is braided it can last all summer, no styling necessary. Pro tip: Tie off your braids with clear or hair colored hair ties!

French Braids

Oh French braids, you never go out of style. Did you wash your hair today? Who knows (and who cares?) when you’re rocking this awesome summer hairstyle.

The perfect hairstyle for summer days comes from styling and nourishing fragile summer hair. Whether you style with an updo, like a french braid or messy bun, or simply rock short hair during summer days, Salon Rootz has products that keep your hair – and our planet! – healthy.


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