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Our Favorite Short Hairstyles to Try in 2019

No matter the season, there’s always a case to make for short hair. During the winter, works better while you’re rocking chunky turtlenecks and trying to avoid accidentally catching rogue long strands in your jacket zipper. (Ouch.) But come summertime, that sweaty neck isn’t going to cool itself off, especially when the Mercury just keeps rising. Luckily, there are more than enough trendy short hairstyles to try in 2019 that you won’t be getting bored anytime soon. This year, it’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone. We’ve got the “glass hair” trend bringing ultra-shiny, smooth, and silky straight cuts to the table; and we’re seeing all types of fringe-fabulous bangs take off, too. From layered lobs to , classic crops to perfect pixies, these short hair ideas will have you ready to grab those shears. Well, maybe leave that part to your stylist.

Straight Lob
The lob-length cut will never go out of style. Glass hair—a.k.a. shiny, straight, silky strands—is trending well into 2019, and this example masters it.

Textured Asymmetrical Cut
The asymmetry is cool enough to revamp a classic hairstyle, the long bob; while the look gets even more stylish after ramping up the texture.

Side-Swept Crop
Don’t be afraid to make the chop, especially when you’re going with a sassy side-swept cut like this. Shorter in the back, it makes styling a breeze.

Glass Bob
Smooth, silky, and straight, this glassy bob thinks frizz is so last year. It perfectly grazes the shoulders, which is ultra-flattering.

A-Line Bob
Two words: Babe. Alert. We’d bet this bob knows a good time.

Long Fringe Layers
This cut hits those cheekbones like nobody’s business. What a fabulous way to kick off the New Year, we think.

Side-Swept Lob
Can layers and bangs really make a huge difference? Yes. Yes, they can. This cut is sassier than Julia Sugarbaker.

Angled Lob
First stop of 2019: the salon for a fresh color and cut. This angled lob paired with a fiery copper hue? That’ll do.


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