It’s B Corp Month!

March is the month dedicated to Certified B Corporations — companies like Davines that seek a balance between profit and purpose, between economy and ethics.

You can be a part of that change too: if we all choose products from sustainable companies, we can encourage the emergence of a more circular and regenerative economic model.

When you buy Davines products, you are supporting a B Corp!

How is our Planet? We are aware that we live in a globally-interconnected system, and are therefore dependent on each other. This could be the foundation for collective prosperity, but instead we are often violating the equilibria that have always governed life on the planet. 
It’s time to join forces and change our way of being in the world. An ambitious goal, to be achieved with everyone’s effort. 

What is a B Corp? The B Corp movement was born in the United States in 2006 — before the green wave — with an ambitious goal: help companies to find a balance between “profit” and “purpose”, i.e. between “finance” and “ethics”. B Corps are, however, for-profit companies; that is to say, they have financial, as well as ethical goals. The certification is an attestation that they comply with the highest environmental and social sustainability standards.  

Davines as a B Corp

To become a Certified B Corporation, companies are required to pass a true admission test, in which they quantify their impact on the planet and its people. Davines first obtained the B Corp certification in 2016, with a score of 99. Three years later, it was re-certified, having managed to improve its score to 117.4. 

Salon Rootz is a proud supporter and brand partner of Davines!


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