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It’s time to strengthen and repair hair while you sleep with NEW botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum, the latest addition to our 100% vegan botanical repair™ collection. Powered by plant science, our bond-building hair serum mends split ends by 84%, strengthens strands and helps prevent hair damage overnight.

Explore our new hair repair innovation below, and learn how to integrate it into your restorative hair care routine.

Your hair needs beauty sleep, too

Just like your skin, your hair benefits from nourishing overnight treatment. After all, everything from pollution to UV exposure to styling choices can be stressful on your strands, leaving them dry, brittle and unmanageable. Enter: botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum, your new hair repair hero.

Our first-ever intensive hair serum is formulated to work most effectively at night when your hair isn’t exposed to external stressors. While you get your beauty rest, your hair does, too. Gliding on smooth, this lightweight hair treatment reduces split ends by 84% while delivering 8 hours of uninterrupted repair. After just one use, you’ll wake up to stronger, visibly healthier hair.

Stronger hair, powered by plant science

Using cutting-edge botanical research, our scientists developed the plant-based ingredient that powers botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum. This high-performing molecule penetrates deep into the hair cortex, building brand new hydrogen bonds to strengthen hair from the inside out.

But what are hair bonds, anyway? The strong, fibrous keratin that makes up your hair is primarily held together by bonds. Your hair bonds contribute to the overall strength of your hair but can be broken by factors like heat, physical styling, chemical treatments and the environment. Botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum helps to brand new bonds for healthier-looking hair that’s stronger than ever.

Healthy, strong hair isn’t simply about building bonds—it’s also about mending split strands and shielding hair from further stress. That’s why we formulated botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum with nangai oil, a superstar plant oil that helps attract separated strands back together, reducing the look of split ends by 84%. A protective, 100% vegan bio-shield complex made from corn and coconut extracts helps to shield hair from damage further, too.

The result? A transformative hair care serum that strengthens, repairs and protects hair on all three layers.

Your 24-hour hair repair ritual

Embrace your strongest, healthiest-looking hair yet with an around-the-clock hair care routine rooted in repair. From wash day to overnight restoration, here’s your complete botanical repair™ regimen:


STEP 1: On wash day, cleanse and condition with botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo and conditioner.

STEP 2: For biweekly nourishment, further repair and restore stressed strands with an application of botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque: light or rich.

STEP 3: Finish by locking in even more nourishment with botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in conditioner. No rinse needed!


STEP 4: In the evenings, apply botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum to lengths and ends before bed. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this formula repairs without leaving a residue on your pillow!

Repair hair while you sleep with NEW botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum.


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