Hi Rootzies! How have you been? We miss you AS much as you miss us—we promise!

We have created some guidelines to better expedite your future reservation with us.

As you can imagine it will be a mad rush for everyone to get into the salon ASAP, however, please know we will do everything we can to accommodate and care for your hair needs. Presently we are not certain when until the United States government and Governor Dewine will allow us back to work.

Prior to booking any appointment to so call “help the floodgates” we will be doing things in a different manner, and order then you and all are used to doing.  We will not be scheduling any appointments at this time prior to June 1st,2020. Please do not call to schedule an appointment with us before this date, we will not schedule it.

We will not be allowing online booking until further notice, here is why:

  1. We cannot allow people to book appointments for the wrong service. For example a root touch up will be significantly different than your normal regular root touch up, due to grow out/self-applicating etc.
  2. Haircuts will take longer time to execute and we do not want to rush anyone as you have all waited for your time.
  3. We understand people have had to do some self-home care, we are not mad at you and we can completely understand and even sympathize, however that then becomes a bit complicated and could be considered a “corrective color.”
  4. We will not be allowed to have a million people in the salon at one time, and each of us can only allow so many clients on our schedule per day.
  5. Clients who have standing appointments throughout the year, your appointments have remained on the books and will remain in the same spots. If adjustments need made you will be contacted.
  6. We will be creating some new appointment options to allow more services and price points to accommodate everyone’s time and financial needs (this includes our staffing on time allotment).
  7. If appointments are not available with your regular stylist, we will have all our staff trained and ready to help to do our best to get you in asap.
  8. Please know this is going to be very very overwhelming to us as none of us have experienced anything like this before and we have NO definitive answers on what the government will and will not allow for us. Each and every one of you is a priority to us and we will do as best as we can, but your patience and kindness will help us along the way.
  9. No one is any less important to us and the order of getting you in will be based on the needs of your hair and time allotment of your appointment, we cannot “SQUEEZE” anyone in or over extend ourselves to the point of exhaustion, we still have our families to go home to at the end of our days, we ask that you kindly respect this.
  10. The most important thing is SANITATION. This must be of utmost priority so we will need time to be set aside between our guest appointments to clean and sanitize accordingly. You will NOT be serviced if any staff member feels you are not well, please do consider our health.  We will also not tolerate any unkind words or disrespect to our staff out of frustration, we are all working together and this is just so scary and new and it will take a lot of kindness/care, patience and respect for everyone.

We will continue to update you all as much as possible and we will continue to do our best to make sure your needs are met. We are all in this together.

Take care and stay safe until we meet again!

Jen and Sheila and Salon Rootz girls!


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