If you were given a choice in hair, we have to imagine thick, voluminous hair would be the winner. Most women begin to experience thinning hair either in their 30s or with other factors related to stress, anxiety, pregnancy, or other health problems. This causes frustration and lowers self-esteem because it limits hairstyles and opportunities for creating certain looks. 

Enter HaloCouture hair extensions…your quick and luxurious solution to achieving the hair of your dreams! While there are many methods of hair extensions you can opt for, the most convenient and innovative are Halo extensions.

HaloCouture hair extensions are different from other extensions for a myriad of reasons. Our Original HALO Extension comes with a wire that sits on your head (like a crown) undetected, adding length and volume, and can be removed or placed in seconds.

Let’s get “into the thick of it” by showing you how to choose the right Halo extension for you:

Get matching halo extensions for your hair!

There is a wide variety of Halo extensions in the market, however, HaloCouture is the original innovator and market leader.   Our halo extensions are made of premium quality materials and 100% Remy human hair that offers you beautiful, long-lasting hair.

Your stylist can cut your halo extensions to the length of your hair and customize them to blend seamlessly into your current style.

To get the best possible look, we highly recommend you have your stylist customize your halo to the length and style of your natural hair.

Layers add extra volume to your hair

Layering your hair is a great idea if you have thin hair. They make your hair look fuller and thicker. If you are a fan of layered hair, our Layered Halo extensions are something you should consider when you and your stylist are determining the best solution for your desired outcome.   These extensions come in a variety of lengths and colors you can choose from to get the perfect match.

Style your Halo extensions is easy!

 Your hair’s volume is dependent upon the type of hairstyle you are looking to achieve. . HaloCouture’s Original and Layered Halo extensions are flexible and offer a multitude of styling options such as updos, beachy waves, ponytails, and more!

The Takeaway

There are many methods to go from thin to thicker hair but they might be time-consuming or run the risk of damaging your already weakened hair strands.  HaloCouture hair extensions are the most luxurious, easiest  way to get thicker, fuller hair in seconds without any damage,

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