Circle Chronicles:

The Let It Go Circle Mask: $10

The Spotlight Circle Hair Mask: $10

The Purity Circle Hair Mask: $10

The Quick Fix Circle Hair Mask: $10

The Renaissance Circle Hair Mask: $10

The Restless Circle Hair Mask: $10

The Wake-Up Circle Hair Mask: $10

Single Shampoo:

A Single Shampoo: $35


Dede Shampoo Bar: $25

Dede Shampoo: $30

Dede Conditioner: $34

Dede Leave-In Hair Mist: $31

Love Smoothing:

Love Smoothing Shampoo Bar: $25

Love Smoothing Shampoo: $30

Love Smoothing Conditioner: $34

Love Smoothing Hair Smoother: $26


Melu Shampoo: $30

Melu Conditioner: $34

Melu Hair Shield: $37


Minu Shampoo: $30

Minu Conditioner: $34

Minu Hair Mask: $36

Minu Hair Serum: $26


Momo Shampoo Bar: $25

Momo Shampoo: $30

Momo Conditioner: $34

Momo Hair Potion: $26


Nounou Shampoo: $30

Nounou Conditioner: $34

Nounou Hair Mask: $36


Solu Shampoo: $30

Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser: $42


Volu Shampoo Bar: $25

Volu Shampoo: $30

Volu Hair Mist: $37

More Inside:

Hair Refresher: $29.50

This Is A Shine Wax: $32

This Is Forming Pomade: $32

This Is Medium Hold Finishing Gum: $32

This Is A Strong Moulding Clay: $32

This Is A Strong Dry Wax: $32

This Is Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid: $27

This Is A Texturizing Dust: $29

This Is A Sea Salt Spray: $28

This Is An Oil Non Oil: $27

This Is A Medium Hold Modeling Gel: $27

This Is Invisible Serum: $23

This Is A Strong Hold Cream Gel: $25

This Is A Medium Hold Pliable Paste: $29

This Is A Shimmering Hair Mist: $34.50

This Is A Curl Moisturizing Mousse: $31

This Is A Dry Texturizer: $37.50

This Is An Invisible No Gas Spray: $34.50

This Is A Medium Hairspray: $35.50

This Is A Strong Hairspray: $35.50

This Is A Extra Strong Hairspray: $38.50

This Is A Curl Building Serum: $27

This Is A Texturizing Serum: $25

This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse: $31

This Is A More Inside Blow Dry Primer: $33

Liquid Spell:

Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid: $47.30


Oi Shampoo: $35

Oi Conditioner: $42

Oi Oil: $45

Oi Body Wash: $25

Oi All In One Milk: $36

Oi Hair Butter: $44

Oi Hand Balm: $20


SU Hair & Body Wash: $26

SU After Sun Replenishing Mask: $29.50

SU Milk: $32

SU After Sun Face & Body Cream: $31.50

Heart Of Glass:

Heart Of Glass Silkening Shampoo: $34

Heart Of Glass Rich Conditioner: $40

Heart Of Glass Intense Treatment: $34

Heart Of Glass Shear Glaze: $32


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