Time-Effective-Non Damaging Beach Waves

Cali Curl’s patented, bond repair and protective solutions will leave your hair stronger, healthier and more nourished; even on highly processed hair. The best part, the Cali Curl beach waves will last up to 6 months. This process requires no heat, no damage and no color shifts to create this in demand look.

You are our inspiration.

Science met style… and Cali-Curl was born.

Beach Wave Results

Cali-Curl delivers long-lasting, low maintenance, natural​ waves and endless styling possibilities. Let your creativity run wild.


  • Can be used on most hair types, from color processed to highly resistant.
  • No unpleasant odor.
  • The hair is shampooed and conditioned during the service, something that is unique compared to traditional texture services of the past.
  • Uses little to no heat when styling.

The Cali-Curl service is created with the Cali-Curl Beach Wave System, Cali-Curl Rings (in sizes small, medium, medium+ and large) and Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings.

Nadine is our current Cali-Curl expert! A consultation must be booked so that we can properly assess your hair to assure you are a candidate! Book your consultation online today at


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