Extra long wear time and low maintenance!

Bonded extensions look and feel just like your own hair! Running your fingers through your hair or living an active lifestyle? Totally go for it!

Strand by strand hair extensions for you

Silky, real human hair strands are individually bonded to your own hair. Our bondings are specifically shaped so that you can barely see or feel them. The bonding material is gentle on your own hair and thanks to the different bond size thicknesses, Hairdreams extensions blend invisibly with your own hair.

  • The extensions are tailored just for your own hair, your hairstyle and your lifestyle.
  • Feels wonderfully natural, like your own hair.
  • Endless hairstyle options: braids, buns, and up-dos – anything is possible.
  • Easily removed, gently and without residue.

Our laserbeamer nano exclusively developed by Hairdreams, applies up to 5 strands simultaneously, creating fabulous hair length in record time. Flat and uniform attachment points lay flat so they look and feel totally natural.

Easy to care for

Taking care of your Hairdreams hair is quick and easy. Thanks to our specially developed care products, your bonded extensions and your own hair are supplied with vital nutrients. For hair that stays shiny, smooth, healthy and noticeably stronger, even longer.

Beautiful hair is a matter of trust

How to get your dream hair with bonded extensions:

  1. Schedule a consultation appointment for all the details including price
  2. Set the date for your Hairdreams service
  3. Enjoy your longer and fuller hair!

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