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A big head of voluminous, thick hair is the beauty dream. But depending on your hair’s natural texture, adding volume can be a struggle. If you have thin hair, the key to pumping up the volume and boosting fullness is to create the illusion of thicker hair. With the right tips, hacks and hairstyles every hair type can look more voluminous than it is. If you have thin or thinning hair and want big volume pay attention. We’re breaking down the best advice for making hair look thicker ahead.

Use the right shampoo

Big hair starts in the shower with a volumizing shampoo. Wash your hair every other day with our VOLU Shampoo for lasting body and volume.

Swap in a clarifying shampoo

If you have thinner hair, a build of product residue can weigh your strands down even more. Clarifying shampoos are deep cleansers that aim to remove residue and buildup. If you use styling products, a monthly detox treatment with a clarifying shampoo will help restore your hair’s volume and shine.

Avoid the wrong conditioner and apply only to the ends

Avoid conditioners with deep conditioning benefits — these will make your thin hair feel flatter. Use a lightweight conditioner and only apply it to the ends of your hair; steer clear of your roots or it’ll weigh down the entire strand. Our DEDE Conditioner is designed to soften strands without weighing them down.

Use hair rollers to add volume

You can use hair rollers in place of a blowout for creating big volume on thin hair. They’re easy to use and healthier for your strands than constantly hot tools. Rolling the front pieces is enough to create the illusion of thicker hair all over. See our previous post for step by step directions on how to use hair rollers.

Style your hair with mousse

When it comes to styling products, you can’t beat mousse for making thin hair look thicker. For extra volume start with damp hair. Spray a golf ball-size amount of volume-boosting mousse into your palm. Take a comb and run it over the mousse to get product on the bristles. Comb through from the mid-lengths to the ends and style.

Use dry texturizing spray

dry texturizing spray for fine hair is the answer to all your thin hair woes. It gives you an instant full-bodied and tousled look. Lift small sections of your hair and spritz product into each section at the root. Continue this all the way around your head and use your fingers to smooth and style into place.

Incorporate dry shampoo

Not only does dry shampoo refresh your thin hair, it also adds volume. After shaking well, spray dry shampoo directly into your roots in small amounts. Let it sit for about a minute, then massage it in with your fingers. To increase volume, use a cold shot of air from a blow dryer. Seal your ends with one of the many benefits of hair oil if damage or breakage is a concern.

Tease your hair at the crown

Teasing, also known as backcombing, is an age-old technique for creating the illusion of thicker roots. Divide the crown of your hair into strips of around 1-2 inches in width. Hold each section taut and backcomb the underside down in three short strokes.

Blow dry upwards

When you blow dry your hair, ensure you direct the airflow underneath the root and upwards, rather than blowing down on top of the head.

Only use a round brush at the end of styling

Round brushes are the best for creating volume with a blowout. After using a paddle brush to blow dry your wet hair to about 80 percent, flip your head over, and switch to a round brush. Use a diffuser on the end of your dryer to separate and lift strands as you style. 

Cover your roots

If your hair is thinning, any patches of visible scalp will make your thin hair look even thinner, particularly if you’re a brunette. Spritz a temporary root concealer to the scalp and roots, creating the appearance of thicker hair.

Styles to make thin hair look thicker

The first step to faking extra volume starts with the right haircut. The right cut and style can transform thin hair into a seemingly thick, voluminous mane. These are the best options for thin hair, spanning a number of lengths.These haircuts are strategically designed to help thin hair look thicker.

Pixie cut

Pixie cuts can actually make your thin hair appear thicker than it really is. Try one with choppy layers to add volume, and work in a texturizing serum to give your cut definition without weighing it down. 

More layers

Whether it’s grown-out bangs or a face frame, incorporating more layers can help make thin hair look thicker.They’re also a great way to deal with hair damage or breakage. If you’ve got thin strands and you’re wondering how to repair damaged hair, adding more layers can help.

Angled bob

An angled bob looks best on thin, straight hair. That’s because this hair type shows off straight lines really well, emphasizing this cut’s geometry. The bob is a classic hairstyle that’s easy to style, maintain, and grow out.


If you’ve got thin curly or wavy hair, the shag is the best haircut for faking volume. The long layers and bangs help create the illusion of fuller hair. Plus it couldn’t be easier to great perfectly tousled beachy waves with a shag make this the ideal low-maintenance cut for making thin hair look thicker.

Chin-length bob

A blunt, chin-length bob looks flattering on all hair types, and thin strands are no exception. Any haircut with a blunt perimeter creates the illusion of thicker hair. An all one length blunt bob that sits at the chin is a great option for thin hair and can be worn straight and sleek as well as wavy and tousled.


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